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The Biointernet

Welcome to the Future!
It’s here!

Art, Science and Technologies of 21 century


The Biointernet Modes – the Biointernet practices and technologies. Online training, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and more



The Biointernet Technologies: Gas Discharge Visualisation (Electrophotonic Imaging), Intuitive Information Sight, Expert-Operator System, Leader Follow and more



The Biointernet Digital – The Biointernet Applications on the Internet and Mass Media Market. Advertising +, the Biointernet Marketing and more


The Mask

The Mask – equipment for for Yoga, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing, Intuitive Information Sight, Meditation, Telepathy, Materialization and for other The Biointernet Practices


The BLAGA – system for structural and informational optimization of business, the Modulator of spatial-temporal resources. The BLAGA System is intended for increasing the flow of wealth and resources.

The System

The Biointernet System – Community, Technologies, Equipment. The Biointernet System based on Translighters Technologies, the Biointernet modes and Mass Media technologies.

The Biointernet Mirror

Repair your DNA on the Biointernet Mirror

The Biointernet Expedition

Time Travel Around The World. Scientific expeditions with the Biointernet Equipment.

Let’s Go!

The Network

The Biointernet network on the Internet. The Biointernet Network is a powerful technology created by KOROTKOV company, using Translighters Digital, Digital Structured Photography, Biointernet Business Training and others Biointernet Modes.


MHC Virtual Museum

MHC, My Hourglass Collection – interdisciplinary the Biointernet project about Time and Time-Space relations, established 2008

MHC Virtual Museum – virtual museum about Time, Love, Faith, Magic, Technologies, Divination, Art, Science and more

Korotkov Subscriber

Email Event. Established in 1998. 20 years online!

Korotkov Subscriber

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